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How it Works

Every user is required to sign in and register himself with Globizhub India Pvt Ltd., once registered, he will be supplied with vendor app, where he can list his services / products for sale. All such enquiries generated in the particular locality will be directed to the vendor. The vendor can thereby contact directly or the user will contact the vendor giving an edge to develop any business exponentially.

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Globizhub India Private Limited, as the name in itself brings out "GLOBAL BUSINESS HUB" is established with a mission to serve the Global market, binding them together to cater to their business needs and also to offer solutions with respect to key marketing insights.



create ad

Every user and vendor has an opportunity to create his own ad and upload the same in our website, thereby he can promote his business with ease.


get offers

Promotions and offers will be displayed in the website time and again and information to this respect will also be sent via sms and email to all our valuable patrons.


sell it

Every registered user is liable to sell his services/ products through our website and developed apps' thereby selling their service and products has become easy and they get 100% benefit from it directly from the consumer.

Why We Are Best

Globizhub India Pvt Ltd is committed to make a common platform for every business seeking tremendous growth and continuous development.

Globizhub India Pvt Ltd offers valuable information from its database to all its valued patrons in the globe to have access to the market and enhance their business needs. Provisioning of real time location services; listing of the requirements categorically has inevitably improved the nature of requirement within the reach of its valuable customers.

The vision of Globizhub India Pvt Ltd is to bring together the markets of the world in one place to allow every individual business to interact with each other thereby fulfilling the needs of every business requirement.


Eye on Quality

Globizhub India Pvt Ltd database is developed with key insights from our valuable experts to meet out the requirements of every individual. A thorough, end to end scrutiny of quality of the content / products / services, displayed by our vendors is on constant watch to maximise their requirement as well as to meet the standards of the end user.


Protection Guaranteed

Data breach security is also a key point; which is being monitored regularly and Globizhub remains a watchdog for all its vendors by up keeping their data without being utilised by unauthorised users.

Every vendor is supplied with an app and a web page with a unique user id and password to make themselves aware of their business requirements and also to post their contents with valid requirements.


24/7 Support

Globizhub India Pvt Ltd offers live chat support to its valuable users and vendors, whereby they can raise their issues and get it resolved by our team of experts who are constantly working 24X7 to fulfil their requirements.


Prompt Complaint Response

A systematic approach to deal with all the complaints received has been modulated. All complaints/ queries/ feedbacks are taken seriously to resolve them at the best possible manner. Any one can approach the complaint desk by e-mail or contact live chat support for best possible solutions.


Verified Ads

Globizhub takes all the advertisements projects seriously and any malicious content will be removed without notice. All the advertisements are meticulously monitored and verified. Our team of experts to evaluate the advertisement categorically, thereby giving the users and the vendors an edge to advertise their products and services.


Secure Payment Gateway

Globizhub India Pvt Ltd has joined hands with HDFC bank as its trusted partner in providing payment solutions. The payment integration with the HDFC bank enables the user to pay directly to the bank thereby dissolving any third party inheritance during the payment.

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